Calling In Love - A Workshop with Aarona Lea of The Moon Deck


Thank you for taking time to pause and create the space to call more love into your life. Now that you have this link, feel free to come back whenever you want to practice these powerful rituals. Take your time with this work, press pause when you need to, and enjoy ritualizing the practice of self-love.

Below you will find more from this workshop, including the journal prompts from the video in the 3rd ritual. For extra bonus points, click the below links to create your own healing Rose Bath Blessing ritual + how to write a powerful Love Letter to Your Beloved (whatever your relationship status may be!).

Continue working with these rituals during the month of February and watch the magic unfold. 

As a thank you for signing up for this class, please enjoy a special discount code made just for you. Simply type in 'MOONLOVE' at checkout and save 10% towards any order in our shop during the month of February.

Are you ready to begin?  



I welcome _________. I receive ___________. I give __________. I am __________.

I attract _______ and _______ into my life.

I am ready for __________.

What is one way you will show up for yourself with more love over the next month, from this new moon until the next new moon?

What words or beliefs do you want to live by?

Going forward, how can you commit to loving yourself each day? (even a few minutes of daily care will do!)



This sensual ritual is inspired by the intimacy card in The Moon Deck guidebook:
“Love and intimacy flow into my life effortlessly”

WRITE A LOVE LETTER TO YOUR BELOVED (no matter what your relationship 'status' is)
This powerful ritual will open your heart, empower your inner-child self, and connect you to the deep love you are ready to call into your life. 

Remember, self-love fuels it all. Start loving yourself the way you want to be loved by another. By loving yourself with your full heart, you will better know how to give and receive love with the people you care most about.  We're right along side you learning and growing into the infinite layers of love and intimacy.