Aarona Lea Pichinson
author + co-creator


Born in LA and brewed in NYC, movement, holistic health and the arts have been at the forefront of Aarona's journey. As the author and co-creator of The Moon Deck, bringing this vision to life is a culmination of her personal and professional work. Aarona and Andi continue to run the business and expand its vision together with love and constant learning.  

Inspired by 22 years of yoga study, 15 years as a wellness advisor and yoga teacher, a BFA in photography and mixed media arts, and a love of writing and globe trotting -  Aarona shares her passion and growth as a teacher and guide. She's influenced by several yoga traditions and personal-development roadmaps which have consistently led her towards healing and purpose through the path of self-love. She shares practices to bring balance and perspective to life's greatest breaths and is on a mission to creatively collaborate with other conscious change-makers worldwide. 

Currently residing in LA, Aarona teaches public yoga classes, facilitates adventure retreats globally, leads empowering women’s workshops, offers private coaching, and is a writer, and guest blogger. She's been featured in MindBodyGreen, New York Times, Self Magazine, Free People BLDG25 Blog, Healthy Travel Mag, National Geographic Traveler UK, The Weather Channel, Wall Street Journal, and Fréttblaðið of Iceland, to name a few. For inquiries + to learn more: www.AaronaLea.com


Andrea Keh
illustrator + co-creator


Andi is the Illustrator of The Moon Deck, proud mama of two and wife of William Keh.  

Watercolor/gauche/silk painting, graphite pencil drawing, and natural dyeing are her creative passions.  She was awarded a scholarship from the Home Fashion Products Association and received a degree in Textile/Surface design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2005.    

After college, several yoga teacher trainings, and the early childbearing years, Andi and Aarona partnered together to create this healing guide and continue to run the business and expand its vision together.  

For The Moon Deck, she blended pencil drawings on coffee stained paper.  Silk paintings were created separately and then married with the drawings to create the final illustrations. 

She also creates dreamy wearable art with silk and natural dyes and would be happy painting flowers for the rest of her life. For art inquiries + to learn more: www.AndiKeh.com


                                                                                                 Trina White
                                                                                customer service + wholesale


Unapologetic optimist meets acute pragmatic; Trina knows that magic is real, but you have to practice and believe in it in order to reap its fruits. She likes to think of herself as The Moon Deck muse supporting the team wherever it’s needed - including customer service, wholesale, team coordination, solid note taking, and making sure we don't miss a beat. 

Trina is a yoga teacher, student, and also helps coordinate and maintain the guest experience for various yoga festivals throughout the country. She has worked in big corporate offices as well as with small mom and pops. Wherever the setting; her goal is always to serve, support and love.

Trina is originally from the Greater Boston area, but now resides in Brooklyn.



Ashley Bruni
editor + branding director


One part skeptical New Yorker, two parts openhearted free spirit.

Born among the redwoods of California and raised in the Texas Hill Country, Ashley has a deep connection with nature. She returns to the wisdom of the earth and of her own bones when questions need answering and the going gets tough, so co-creating and producing a product that leverages the power of female intuition is a dream project.

Ashley has an Advertising degree from the University of Texas and has been steeped in the marketing world for 10+ years. After working for hothouse agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi and Mother New York, she focused on in-house branding for the yoga festival Wanderlust and Manhattan's progressive university: The New School. As a strategist fascinated by what motivates people, she has a unique perspective on the influence that design and storytelling have on our society.  As a girl, Ashley prayed to find her tribe. Her relationships have shaped her into the woman she is today and she is now thrilled to share The Moon Deck's potent mantras and rituals with all her sisters, new and old.