Virgo New Moon:  The Beyonce of Moons

Happy Virgo New Moon! There's a lot to get excited about with this moon cycle as we close summer and look towards fall here on the western hemisphere (wherever you are, it's a potent seasonal change!).

Now is a time to tap into the positive aspects of Virgo: attention to detail and a work ethic that can get you up and over whatever obstacles you might be facing. It is time to buckle down with your vision and get clear: what do you want to hone in on and go after? What next level of opportunity and success are you actively calling in and working towards? 

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Full Moon: Stay Busy Loving, Creating, Growing

Here we go! The last Full Moon of the summer coming up this Sunday. It seems time has whizzed by, and it doesn't plan on stopping.  This moon, known as The Sturgeon Moon, graces the house of Pisces - a water sign known in astrology for its qualities of feeling, intuition, creativity, and balance. It is time to take the reigns on the summer's firey energy that has been sending many of us in spirals (remember that time almost EVERY planet was in retrograde?)

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Super New Moon is On Your Side 

August's Super New Moon - named as such for sharing space with a partial solar eclipse - has built upon the energy thus far. This New Moon is one to take a prolonged pause and really decide what doors you want to open for you now that you've made it through the whirlwind that was the summer thus far. You've got cosmic energy behind you, beneath you, surrounding you, above you.

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Full Blood Moon + Eclipse = Change is in the Air

There is something beautiful happening around us, with us, inside of us: permission to get uncomfortable and vulnerable by moving directly towards the things that scare us. That thing we've been putting off or denying because of fear of failure, those old beliefs that keep us stuck or scared, those lingering emotions that are ready to be loved and released so you can align with and welcome what comes next... 

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New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse, + a Ritual to Bring it all Together

Get ready,  moonbeams. We're in for a powerful ride. It's officially summer on this side of the world and we are feeling the expansive heat of the sun, while those of you in the Southern Hemisphere are moving inward with winter. That said, we can all use the energy of  this new moon for movement and levity, as well as an opportunity to use this season as a vehicle for transformation.

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Strawberry Moon


June's Full Moon is the first one after Summer Solstice, and falls very close to Saturn Opposition, when the ringed planet is brighter in the sky than usual. Both lend to an energetic potency that we will be moving through for this next two weeks.

This full moon is known as a Strawberry Moon, named by Native Americans to demarcate the short strawberry season. Native American women use this moon as a time to cleanse: to rid themselves of possessions, relationships, patterns, and emotional baggage that is no longer serving them.

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New Moon in Gemini + Ritual

Although many new moons can have a more introverted energy, this new moon in Gemini is encouraging you to gather with others, move your body, get outside, and take that risk you've been saving for later. Since Gemini is strong in its inquisitive intellect, it's also an opportunity to change your mindset and change the ways you use your thinking mind. Take advantage of this time to broaden your perspective and harness powerful intentions.

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Build Your Altar with Intuition + the Four Directions

Building your own home altar is a beautiful way to call in the power of intention while creating a sacred space to call your own. The more you sit with your altar, the more this focused healing energy begins to swell. 

This little nook is a place where you can journal, meditate, contemplate, create, grieve, pray, envision, practice, and craft your rituals. So it's important to regularly clean and clear this space as an act of love and care.

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 Rose Blessing Bath + Tea Ritual

Inspired by the intimacy card in The Moon Deck guidebook
“Love and intimacy flow into my life effortlessly”

Roses have been cherished for centuries for their sensual nature. They evoke the spirit of love and uplift the mood, plus they have the most exquisite fragrance....For our purpose here, we will be working with a steeping process. It’s a simpler way of working with roses and creates more of a rose tea which can be worked with in a variety of ways.

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Four Rituals to Empower Your Intentions

Intention is a creative power. It's where all of our dreams and desires begin. Our focused intention sets things into motion and helps drown out critical heady voices that can side track our growth. We can set intentions for any aspect of our life -- they fuel our ability to consciously create our day, to believe in our dreams and to push through hurdles. Setting a clear and sincere intention is like magic. It is not passive and requires us to put some personal oomph into actualizing them.

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on the lifechanging magic of sisterhood ✨

Community is one of the most important parts of being human, yet it isn't uncommon to be disconnected from one another in a profound way. The habitual and superficial ways in which many of us have learned to interact can’t satisfy like the true tribal bonds that are available to us if we open our hearts and seek them out. My path to finding genuine sisterhood and friendship has been a constant learning experience, and something I have learned the importance of prioritizing. I will share a bit of my story and thoughts here in hopes of inspiring you to open to the magic of inviting others into the deep parts of your heart to become family.

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